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3 Factors That Determine Bail Amounts February 27, 2018

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3 Factors That Determine Bail Amounts, Rocky Fork, Missouri

When judges determine bail amounts that allow defendants to be released from prison pending court proceedings, they take many different factors into account. Since the number isn’t always arbitrary, judges must arrive at a figure that they deem appropriate. Here’s what the judge might take into consideration during a bail bond hearing.

3 Factors That Can Influence Your Bail Amount

1. Severity of Crime

bailThe gravity of the crime plays a strong role in helping the judge determine the bail amount. Common misdemeanors, such as DUIs, driving with a suspended license, and public intoxication, don’t typically have heavy bail amounts attached to them. Felonies, like murder, kidnapping, and assault, carry much higher amounts. These people are also considered dangerous to the public, and their bail amount will reflect that.

2. Flight Risk Possibility

Bail is set to allow for a release from custody pending a return to the courtroom. Felony charges have higher bail amounts, in part, for this reason; the possibility of long-term jail time might be enough to create a flight risk. If the defendant has a significant amount of money or assets that could be helpful in fleeing, the judge might also deem the person a flight risk. In this case, bail will almost always be set at a high rate.

3. Standing in Community

If the defendant has a solid reputation, has spent time volunteering, or is part of worthwhile organizations that provide some sort of aid, their bail amount might be significantly less. They aren’t as likely to flee, endanger others, or commit additional crimes.


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