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Consider Adding These 3 Trends to Your Logo Design March 12, 2018

Hilo, Hawaii
Consider Adding These 3 Trends to Your Logo Design, Hilo, Hawaii

Your brand's logo design is a major part of your business’s identity. It’s crucial this graphic is timeless yet trendy so people are interested in finding out about your products and services. If you’re looking for inspiration, read on as Creative Arts Hawaii in Hilo shares three major trends of 2018 to consider incorporating into your graphic.

3 Trends to Add to Your Logo Design

1. Sharing Your Values

Today’s consumers don’t just buy products they think look good or will help them do something. Instead, many look deeper into the companies themselves to support organizations that have similar values. If your business cares about the environment, animals, or supporting diversity and inclusion, consider adding this information to your logo in some way. Use green hues to share your conservation beliefs, or go red for humanitarian goals. This will help your company share its values and reach audiences who have similar morals.

2. Using Alternative Primary Colors

logo designRed, green, and blue are the most common colors used in logo designs. However, as of late, experts are using new versions of primary colors, like forest green, wine red, and teal. Rely on the same tonality so the shades work well together. This means choosing colors that have the same saturation, like a light green and a light blue. Avoid clashing hues of different tones, such as blazing orange and lilac, as they offer two different intensities. 

3. Picking a Stylish Type

Skip the classic fonts, and go for something more innovative. Create your own font for your brand, and feature it prominently in your logo design. Take inspiration from your business to tackle this design feat. If you’re a plumber, for example, you could create a logo featuring your company name made out of plumbing tools. Just make sure the font is legible. Then, every time you use it in any marketing materials, people will immediately recognize it and think of your company.

To talk through your logo design ideas, call Creative Arts Hawaii (808) 935-7393. Visit the website for information on their screen printing, graphic design, and embroidery services. They also offer promotional products like customized mugs and T-shirts for creating brand awareness or handing out at trade shows.

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