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3 Steps to Take if You Have Birds in Your Chimney February 27, 2018

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3 Steps to Take if You Have Birds in Your Chimney, Kernersville, North Carolina

Discovering birds in your chimney is a nuisance. You may hear chirping or scratching noises and, in more extreme cases, detect a strong odor that indicates decay inside the chimney. No matter the severity of the situation, take action quickly. The professionals at The Chimney Sweep have helped Kernersville, NC, residents remove these critters for over 35 years, and they explain what you should do.

What to Do if You Have Birds in Your Chimney

1. Keep the Damper Closed

birds in your chimneyKeep the damper on your chimney closed. Although birds mean no harm — they’re most likely just seeking a place of warmth and safety — it’s better for them to be contained in the chimney than flying around your living room. If the damper is open, it’s easy for the birds in your chimney to get into the fireplace.

2. Contact Wildlife Control

Let a professional handle the removal process. This is for the safety of both the bird and your family. If the bird is mishandled, it can escape and fly around your home. Professionals are also mindful of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which provides protections for certain species. Disturbing certain birds or their nests during breeding season is illegal.

3. Schedule Chimney Inspection

Once the birds are removed, schedule a chimney inspection with a professional who can clean the structure and get rid of droppings and nests to ensure it’s safe to use your fireplace. At this stage, it’s also a good idea to install a chimney cap or bird spikes to deter more creatures from taking residence in your chimney. Not only does this equipment prevent more bird intrusions, but it also reduces the chances of water damage.

When you have birds in your chimney, the team at The Chimney Sweep will help. For more than three decades, they’ve helped residents in the Triad area with everything from bird invasions to basic chimney inspections and maintenance. Visit their website to learn more about their services, or call (336) 993-8999 to schedule an appointment.

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