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Sioux Falls Sporting Goods Store Shares 5 Tips for New Runners October 11, 2018

Augustana, Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls Sporting Goods Store Shares 5 Tips for New Runners, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

For newcomers, adjusting to the demands of running can be challenging and uncomfortable. But for those who are patient and persistent, working through these obstacles can lead to many rewards, such as improved strength, speed, and agility. Fortunately, Daubys Sports Center reminds new runners there are many strategies that can help make the adjustment period a little easier. To help you get up to speed, this sporting goods store in Sioux Falls, SD, offers a few tips for becoming a runner.

5 Tips to Help You Start Running

1. Stretch for Support

The impact of running can be tough on muscles, bones, and joints, particularly for those who are not yet conditioned. However, you can reduce the risk of fatigue and injury if you always take the time to thoroughly warm up before your run and cool down after. Stretching is crucial, as it allows your muscles to remain elastic and makes them less susceptible to damage.  

2. Ease Into It

sporting goods storeWhether you’re trying to run a seven-minute mile or make it through a marathon, running success doesn’t come overnight. Instead of wearing yourself out early in the process, take on small distances at first and gradually build onto that as you gain strength and endurance.

3. Choose Foods That Fuel You

What you eat plays a major role in how much energy your body has for runs. Avoiding empty calories and opting for nutritious foods will help ensure you have the right resources to support the demands of the activity.

4. Develop a Routine That Won’t Wear You Down

To make sure you don’t lose interest, it’s important to develop a fitness routine that plays to your preferences. For example, if you like to start the day with a rush, it can help to get into the habit of running first thing in the morning. Or, if you need a little motivation, consider building a playlist with heart-racing jams.

5. Wear the Right Running Shoes

Running may be a low-cost activity—especially outside of a gym—but it does require a few investments. Most importantly, buy a dependable pair of running shoes. When shopping for footwear at your favorite sporting goods store, avoid products that are too tight or made of low-quality materials. Instead, look for those that offer a solid level of support and provide the flexibility you need for mobility.  

When you need the best running shoes to race toward your fitness goals, look no further than Daubys Sports Center. Serving the Sioux Falls, SD, community for more than 80 years, this sporting goods store offers an impressive selection of gear for all types of activities. Staffed with friendly associates, this is a great place to get the advice you need to find the right pair of shoes for your feet and budget. Visit this store online to learn more about their products and custom team uniforms. For questions about product availability, call (605) 332-8041.

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