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A Brief Guide to Posting Bail February 28, 2018

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A Brief Guide to Posting Bail, Cincinnati, Ohio

When a person is arrested, they can be released from jail if they post bail. Without this optional service, individuals may remain incarcerated for an unprecedented amount of time awaiting trial. The professional bondsmen at Bob Shropshire Bail Bonds in Cincinnati, OH, know that if your loved one ends up in a tight spot, your first instinct may be to help them out of it. That’s why they’ve created this guide to posting bail. 

How Bail Bonds Work: A Quick & Easy Guide

1. Gather Information

If your loved one gets arrested, the first step you should take is to gather some information. Find out the location of the prison where the accused is being held, for what crime they have been arrested for, and how much their bail is. You will need this information to give to the bail bondsmen and post bail.

2. Coordinate With a Bail Agency 

bailOnce you provide them with the information listed above, a bail agency will offer solutions depending on the price of bail. For example, if you are unable to pay the required full amount up front, they will help you coordinate collateral to make up the difference. After the court proceedings, the remaining amount is then returned to the bond agency. Keep in mind that if your loved one does not attend the court date, your collateral may not be returned.

3. Act Accordingly 

Once you post bail, your loved one is released from jail and free to go home and live their life. However, there are certain restrictions. The offender must confirm with their bail bondsmen whether it is okay or not to leave the state or country. In some cases, this is prohibited by the court. In addition, if your loved one gets arrested again while out on bail, your original bond may be surrendered, and he or she will need two bonds and two forms of collateral to be released on bail again.

Don’t leave the fate of your loved one up to chance. If you’re in a difficult situation and need to post bail, contact Bob Shropshire Bail Bonds. They offer 24/7 services so their clients can receive the help they need when they need it. With their primary focus on your protection, liberty, and integrity, you know you’re in the best hands. For more information on their available services, visit their website or call (513) 721-3915.

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