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Is It Safe to Drive With a Cracked Radiator? February 27, 2018

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Is It Safe to Drive With a Cracked Radiator?, Meriden, Connecticut

The radiator is a part of a car that not everyone is familiar with, but it still plays a critical role in the performance of the engine. The more you know about it, the more prepared you’ll be if it sustains any damage. With some guidance from a premier auto repair shop, like Safe Auto Service in Meriden, CT, you will quickly become a much more savvy steward of your vehicle. Here is a primer from the professionals on radiators. 

What Is a Car Radiator?

The radiator in your vehicle plays a pivotal role in making the engine’s combustion a safe process. Once your engine takes in coolant, it will absorb the heat, but it still must go somewhere to lower the temperature. When it arrives in the radiator, the heat is shed, and the process can repeat. 

How Do I Know It’s Broken?

radiatorBecause the radiator is so heavily linked to the coolant, problems with the liquid are the biggest tip-offs that something is wrong. If you ever notice a pool of colored liquid under your car, it may indicate your radiator has ruptured and has sprung a leak. You’ll also be made aware of a leak if you need to replace your coolant at a much more frequent pace than usual. A hot engine is another signal that your radiator is defective; it will begin overheating once the coolant cycle is disrupted.

Is It Okay to Still Drive?

A malfunctioning radiator makes any journey on the road much more dangerous. When your engine starts overheating, it can put tremendous stress on a variety of components under the hood. Before long, your engine may stop working or suffer serious damage, causing you to lose control of your vehicle. In some cases, it may even start smoking, an event that would put your car at risk of catching on fire. 

If you suspect anything might be wrong with your radiator, drive right over to Safe Auto Service. You can always ask the team to perform an inspection after an oil change or during a tuneup. To learn more about potential damage to your radiator, feel free to call (203) 237-4311. You can learn more about the shop by visiting their website

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