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5 Auto Parts You Might Not Know You Can Recycle February 27, 2018

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5 Auto Parts You Might Not Know You Can Recycle, Newark, Ohio

Responsible, fuel-efficient driving is not the only way to reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprint. Recycling auto parts contributes to a $32 billion industry that employs over 140,000 people in the United States and keeps materials from sitting in landfills. Join this industry by learning some of the more surprising car and truck parts available for recycling.

5 Auto Parts You Can Recycle

1. Battery

Vehicle batteries enjoy a 98 to 99% recycling rate and are the most-recycled auto product in the U.S. Batteries must be recycled per regional and state laws because of lead and other toxic chemicals that harm the environment. Up to 99% of a lead vehicle battery is recyclable.

2. Oil

Motor oil can pollute waterways if it is not disposed of properly. Draining your vehicle of all fluids before taking it in for recycling is necessary to minimize pollution and earn you more money at the local salvage yard. However, dirty oil can be easily cleaned and reused, so don’t pitch it in the trash. 

auto parts3. Tires

Worn-out car and truck tires do not belong in a landfill because they take decades to break down. Tire burning is an inefficient practice as well since it creates oily, toxic runoff and pollutes the air. These auto parts offer a wide variety of reuse applications, including rubberized highway asphalt, tables and chairs, planters, and sculptures.

4. Engine

Engine parts such as catalytic converters, spark plugs, and radiators are prized by scrap dealers. These auto parts may also be rebuilt and placed in a different vehicle. Cars and trucks with rebuilt engines are frequently available for lower prices.

5. Glass

Windows and windshields are recycled to create a wide variety of products, including jewelry, tile, countertops, glass bottles, concrete blocks, and fiberglass insulation. Even the plastic parts of windshields can be recycled as carpet glue.


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