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4 Home Improvements Harnessing Automation March 7, 2018

East Mountian, Waterbury
4 Home Improvements Harnessing Automation, Waterbury, Connecticut

Automation — the word brings to mind images of robots building cars on assembly lines, codes streaming down computer screens, thousands of intricate, multicolored wires. Automation isn’t all robots, remote technology, and sci-fi, though. Chances are most Americans will see it first in their homes, where it’ll make dumping hours on chores a thing of the past. These top tech home improvements will be welcoming homes around the country into 2018.

Smart Thermostat

TheHome Improvement thermostat was only the first step. Former apartment-dwellers are likely to remember having virtually no control over their temperature — you’d get a knob with some numbers that you aren’t sure make a difference. The thermostat allowed you to optimize your heating. This home improvement, however, can be controlled from your phone and programmed to change temperature throughout the day, saving you lots of money.

Video Doorbells

There’s a basic flaw in the classic doorbell: you have to actually walk up to the door, and in some cases, open it, to find out who’s there. At that point, how much safety is it really giving you? This bit of home improvement tech initiates a video chat you can use to screen and take pictures of those requesting access to your home.

Phone-Integrated Garage Remote

You may be noticing a theme here. Many of the top tech home improvements of the day are based around hooking up your house to your phone. Why not the garage, too? A phone-operable garage remote means no more forgetting your keys or running out of garage remote batteries.

Smart Lighting

Here’s another little home improvement project that could save you serious money: installing smart lighting. This is a little more than just flicking the lights on and off with your phone, though. Smart lights can be programmed to work with your body, staying bright in the morning and dimming as the sun sets to get on the right side of your sleep-wake cycles.


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