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What Can I Expect During Wart Removal? February 27, 2018

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What Can I Expect During Wart Removal?, Hamilton, Ohio

Warts are relatively harmless but unpleasant medical conditions. Cryotherapy performed by a dermatologist is one common method of wart removal, and Louis Luke Barich, MD, provides this and many other safe and effective skin treatments to patients in Hamilton, OH. Below, he shares what you can expect during cryotherapy, as well as how it compares to other wart removal treatments.

How Does It Work?

Cryotherapy involves using a freezing substance to remove a wart (usually from the hands, fingers, or feet). Because there can be discomfort, some doctors may apply a local anesthetic before performing the wart removal procedure. Next, a small incision is made on the wart to allow the freezing substance to be applied. Dermatologists often use liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide to freeze warts.

wart removalAftercare is important when it comes to wart removal using cryotherapy. If a blister forms, clean it to ensure other parts of your body aren’t affected. A small scar might also develop, but these aren’t usually prominent. You can expect to recover from the procedure in about two weeks. If you notice any complications, visit your doctor for a follow-up.

How Else Can You Treat a Wart?

There are other types of treatments for warts that may work for you. Medication can be injected into the site to kill the underlying virus responsible for causing warts. Surgery is also an option, although this is usually reserved for when other therapies fail. A natural substance derived from a blister beetle can also be applied to the wart. In this case, the substance (known as cantharidin) dissolves the wart over time.

As a trusted dermatological resource to Butler County patients, Louis Luke Barich, MD, and his skilled team can address your skin care needs, whether you need wart removal or sun-damaged skin repair. See the full listing of available treatments by visiting his website today, and call (513) 863-3555 to schedule an appointment and take advantage of Dr. Louis’s two decades of experience.  

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