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3 Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy Between Teeth Cleanings March 2, 2018

Graham, Alamance
3 Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy Between Teeth Cleanings, Graham, North Carolina

During routine teeth cleanings, your hygienist and dentist work hard to eliminate tricky plaque and tartar deposits, leaving your teeth clean, white, and beautiful. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to maintain those results between appointments. Here are three tips to keep your smile healthy between teeth cleanings. 

How to Maintain Your Smile Between Dental Appointments

1. Focus on Your Daily Hygiene 

An effective way to keep your teeth and gums healthy is by focusing carefully on your daily oral hygiene routine. In addition to brushing twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and focusing on whisking away plaque near the gum line, floss once a day to eliminate plaque, bacteria, and food particles. 

2. Snack Less

teeth cleaningsWhen you eat, it changes the pH of your saliva, creating an acidic environment that softens your dental enamel. If you snack frequently during the day, it puts your teeth at a higher risk for dental decay. To keep your teeth clean, focus on eliminating sugary drinks and snacks and eating a diet filled with healthy foods, such as whole fruits, nuts and leafy greens. 

3. Take Care of Your Body

When your body is healthy, it creates a strong immune response that fights off oral bacteria and infections, preventing oral problems. Between dental checkups, exercise daily and get enough sleep. If you notice other health issues, have them checked out immediately. Many health problems, including diabetes and heart problems, can be impacted by oral health. 


Proper dental care might not seem difficult, but every smile is different. Learn how to best take care of your smile today by working with Jerome M. Crayle, DDS, PLLC. As a dedicated family dentist that serves Graham, Burlington, Mebane, and Alamance County, NC, this experienced professional can help you with everything from routine teeth cleanings to night guards and dental implants. To learn more about his practice or to book an appointment, visit them online or call (336) 578-3896.