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3 Benefits of Vinyl Siding February 23, 2018

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3 Benefits of Vinyl Siding, Anchorage, Alaska

Since vinyl siding was first introduced in the mid-1900s, it has rapidly risen in popularity due to the incredible benefits it offers. If you’re working on a new home or want to replace the siding on your current Anchorage, AK, residence, it’s important to seriously consider vinyl. The general contracting team at Mountain Ridge Construction shares a few of the major benefits this material offers to help you make a decision.

3 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Vinyl is an extremely cost-effective siding option, which means it can fit into any remodeling budget. Better still, the installation is inexpensive, and the material is durable. You can expect it to last up to 50 years as long as it’s maintained. In other words, once you install it on your home, you won’t need to replace it. 

2. Easy Maintenance

vinyl sidingVinyl is resistant to the elements and pests, including termites. And, unlike other materials, which often require periodic painting or sealing, vinyl does not require any major upkeep. Simply hosing it down will remove dirt and keep it attractive. More stubborn grime can be removed with a light scrubbing or a power washer, which usually only needs to be done once a year to keep the siding looking brand new.

3. Aesthetics

Vinyl offers endless style options because it is an extremely versatile manufactured material. There are many different choices in color, texture, and cuts. You can even select a product that looks like wood for an elegant result at a low cost. No matter what your style is, you’ll find a vinyl option to accompany it.

If you’re interested in learning more about vinyl siding, contact Mountain Ridge Construction at (907) 351-6403 to talk with one of their team members. They offer comprehensive services on projects of all sizes and take great pride in providing superior craftsmanship. Message them on Facebook to ask for a free estimate and recommendations on the right siding material for you.

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