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Health Care Facility Shares 3 Tips for Staying Well This Winter February 27, 2018

Forest Hills, Queens
Health Care Facility Shares 3 Tips for Staying Well This Winter, Queens, New York

Winter introduces a number of new environmental factors that can affect your overall well-being, such a persistent germs. The staff at Medex Diagnostics and Treatment Center—the premier health care facility in Forest Hills, NY—says it’s imperative to maintain healthy habits throughout the cold season and wants to share a few tips to ensure you stay well all winter long.

3 Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter

1. Wash Your Hands

health care facilityMany illnesses are prevalent during the winter, especially the flu. You’ll find harmful germs nearly everywhere, which is why it’s important to wash your hands regularly. While you can’t completely eliminate your exposure, by keeping your hands clean, you’re less likely to contract any illnesses. Consider getting vaccinations for seasonal illnesses at your local health care facility as well for added protection.

2. Exercise

A lot of outdoor exercises can be difficult in the winter, and the snow and cold temperatures often keep people from driving to the gym. To keep your immune system healthy and avoid gaining weight, you still need to exercise, so make the necessary adjustments to your regimen. If you can’t jog, consider low-impact indoor activities like yoga or Pilates. You can also work with basic free weights or do bodyweight exercises to remain toned. Speak with a physician at your local health care facility for additional ideas.

3. Get Plenty of Light

Depression and other mood disorders become more common during the winter because people don’t get enough sun. This deprives the body of essential nutrients, and long periods of darkness have a generally negative impact on mental health. Try spend time outside each day. If you can’t, keep the blinds open as long as possible.

With a few lifestyle adjustments, you’ll remain healthy throughout the winter. If you need a vaccine or a professional diagnosis, turn to the top health care facility in Forest Hills: Medex Diagnostics and Treatment Center. They offer everything from women’s health to dermatology services and are committed to ensuring their patients’ overall well-being. Call (718) 275-8900 today to schedule a consultation.