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Common Questions to Ask When Shopping for Homeowners Insurance February 23, 2018

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Common Questions to Ask When Shopping for Homeowners Insurance , Watertown, Connecticut

Buying a home is likely the largest financial commitment you’ll ever make. This is why finding the right homeowners insurance is just as important as finding the perfect property. It’s crucial that your investment is adequately protected if a disaster occurs. To ensure you make the most educated decision possible when choosing coverage, you should be prepared to ask your agent a number of questions. They’ll provide you with all the information necessary to determine which policy will best suit your needs. 

FAQ About Buying Homeowners Insurance

How Much Coverage Should I Purchase?

The amount of coverage you should purchase will depend on a few different factors. First, you must decide whether to insure your home at actual cash value or replacement cost. If you need to rebuild your home after a total loss, an actual cash value policy will pay out what your property is worth, minus depreciation, while replacement cost policies provide whatever amount is needed to rebuild. In addition, you should conduct a home inventory to calculate the value of your belongings, so you can make sure they’re all covered. 

What Are the Policy Inclusions & Exclusions?

homeowners insuranceBefore buying a homeowners insurance policy, it’s vital to understand exactly what is included and excluded in the coverage. You might know it includes damage to your property, but you must find out which types of perils are taken into account. Standard policies will cover disasters such as fire, water damage, vandalism, and inclement weather but exclude flooding and earthquakes. Learning the ins and outs of a policy will prevent you from purchasing inadequate coverage.

What Is the Process for Filing a Claim?

It’s always a good idea to find out what an insurance company’s procedure is for filing a claim long before you need to do so. It’s important to know who you will need to contact, what the average timetable is on receiving a payment, how certain claims can impact your premium, and if they will pay for you to stay somewhere else if your home becomes inhabitable. It’s essential to know just how easy an insurer is to work with.

What Are Some Ways I Can Save on My Premium?

Homeowners insurance companies often offer several ways for their clients to save on premiums. Though it varies from provider to provider, you might be able to lower your rate by qualifying for a range of discounts, raising your deductible, and improving your credit score. Your insurance agent will know the different ways to reduce costs with each insurer and can help you maximize your savings.


Asking the right questions will allow you to select the homeowners insurance policy that can offer you the most effective protection at the best rate. When the residents of Watertown, CT, need assistance exploring all of their coverage options, they rely on Kalita Agency to provide expert guidance and knowledge. Their team of professionals is committed to helping clients put together custom insurance policies that fit their unique requirements and budget. Contact them at (860) 274-8882 to request an insurance quote, or visit their website to view the various products they offer. 

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