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3 Winter Tips to Help Avoid a Frozen Sump Pump February 26, 2018

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3 Winter Tips to Help Avoid a Frozen Sump Pump, Kalispell, Montana

During the winter, your plumbing system requires a bit of extra care to ensure safe and efficient usage. The sump pump, in particular, must be protected from harsh temperatures to avoid freezing. This device is essential for homes located in areas with high water or prone to flooding. Here’s how you can practice proper sump pump care during the cold season. 

3 Tricks to Keep Your Sump Pump Working This Winter

1. Cover Exposed Pipe 

Any point where your sump pump’s pipes are exposed to freezing winter air is cause for concern. When water stays stagnant in outgoing hoses and meets below-freezing temperatures, it will stop the sump pump altogether, leaving you at risk of flooding. To fix this, either ask your plumber to bury the pipes deeper underground or cover the exposed part of the pipe with a tarp and a few heavy blankets until the weather warms up again. 

2. Insulate

sump pumpKeeping your discharge (outgoing) line wrapped in heavy-duty insulation will ensure the water inside continues to flow freely and minimizes the chance of freezing. Ask your local plumbers or hardware store what you can use for protection. Standard insulation is not conducive or effective in freezing weather, so they’ll likely recommend you try another material, such as rubber.

3. Keep Water Moving

The key to keeping your sump pump functional throughout the cold weather season is to keep the water flowing. Once the water stops at the bottom of the sump pump, hoses, or pipes, it will freeze and cause rapid expansion and irreparable cracks. To avoid this, adjust your pump settings so that water is moving in and out quickly. 


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