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3 Reasons Everyone Should Wear a Rash Guard When Surfing March 9, 2018

Ocean Park, Santa Monica
3 Reasons Everyone Should Wear a Rash Guard When Surfing, Santa Monica, California

In a day and age when rash guards have earned star status for their fashionable designs, it only makes sense for everyone to want one when they’re surfing. However, not every person does, and this is one important garment every surfer should make a part of their arsenal. If you haven’t already invested in one, here are three reasons to do so before you ride your next wave.

3 Benefits of Wearing a Rash Guard When Surfing

surfing1. Prevent Rashes

First and foremost, a rash guard is designed to protect your skin from the harsh abrasions and rashes that might occur when exposed to rough sand or particles on a surfboard. Dealing with these discomforts can make it difficult to enjoy your time in the water. Rash guards are readily available in most surf shops, so it’s worth your time to seek out this protective gear before heading out to the water.

2. Sun Protection

Potent ultraviolet rays can damage your skin in more ways than one. In addition to increasing your risk of developing skin cancer, it can also cause burns and lead to early signs of aging, such as wrinkles and spots. Rash guards are designed with ultraviolet protection factors (UPF) that provide the benefit of sun protection. Alone they aren’t enough to combat those harmful UV rays, so it’s imperative to wear sunscreen too.

3. Extra Warmth

Whether you’re a longtime surfing enthusiast or just started taking surf lessons, you’ve probably experienced the chill of brisk waters. Although a rash guard is not specifically designed to add warmth, you can rely on it to add some extra comfort on brisk days. The layer locks in your body heat for extra comfort.


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