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Why Krav Maga Promotes Child Development March 2, 2018

Scarsdale, Westchester
Why Krav Maga Promotes Child Development, Scarsdale, New York

Athletic training such as Krav Maga provides the physical activity children need to grow healthy and strong. Yet, this discipline does more than strengthen the body — it also strengthens the mind. Whether you have recently introduced your child to Krav Maga at 914 Training Center or are still considering classes at the premier Scarsdale, NY, school, learn why this activity is so beneficial.

How Krav Maga Helps Child Social Development

Teaches Appropriate Reactions & Promotes Empathy

Krav Maga, MMA training, kickboxing, or general tumbling is a fantastic way to teach socially-appropriate reactions steeped in kindness and compassion. Children learn to gauge their opponent’s readiness and when they should check if the other is okay before continuing with the exercise. This kind of training subsequently emphasizes reactionary measures based on empathy for others. Children get the chance to show compassion in a controlled setting that will likely spill into other areas of their lives.

Helps Children Understand Intent

krav magaThe compassion and empathy continually stressed in Krav Maga and similar training also helps children understand the intent of their opponents. Accidents and mistakes are part of training, and rather than getting upset or thinking the opponent’s intentions were malicious, children can learn and grow. Oftentimes there is no reason to get upset. This helps kids enjoy calm existences because they are in better control of their emotions.

Krav Maga and related disciplines can provide your child with the tools he or she needs for a beautiful, healthy life. 914 Training Center wants to transform minds as well as bodies by providing a wonderful mix of Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and Ju-jitsu fighting techniques. Discover what so many have already learned about this family-owned business by calling (914) 437-5353 or reviewing the class schedule online. Follow the school and training center on Twitter for the latest news and info.

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