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Your Guide to Rose Colors & Their Meanings February 23, 2018

Altadena, Los Angeles County
Your Guide to Rose Colors & Their Meanings, Altadena, California

When you choose to send roses to your loved ones, you’re giving them so much more than a pretty floral arrangement with a pleasant smell. Roses are available in a variety of different colors, each with their own unique and special meanings. Altadena Florist, serving Los Angeles County, wants you to know more about what the colors of roses truly represent. Below is a brief guide from your local florist.

Florist’s Guide to 4 Rose Colors & Their Meanings

1. White

Although traditionally included in weddings to symbolize true love, white roses are now more commonly associated with things like purity, innocence, and sympathy. White roses also tend to represent beginnings and endings. For example, it is just as appropriate to send white roses in honor of a baby’s birth as it to send them in memorialization of a departed loved one.

2. Yellow

Yellow roses almost always come with bright and merry connotations, and they are typically given with the intention of lifting someone’s spirits. Yellow roses make excellent “get well soon” gifts, and they’re also the perfect type of flower to send to those who may be going through difficult times as they represent friendship and loyalty.

3. Red

floristPerhaps the most popular of all, red roses continue to remain a timeless symbol of passionate love. Red roses are considered one of the most intimate ways to let someone know just how much you love them. Send bouquets of red roses to your romantic partner on special occasions, such as an anniversary or birthday.

4. Pink

Pink roses usually convey feelings of love, but not in the conventionally romantic sense. A pink rose may simply express appreciation, gratitude, or admiration for an old friend or a new love interest. When you send someone a bouquet of pink roses, you’re sending them a message of sweet and gentle happiness.

When you need flowers for birthdays, funerals, and everything in between, allow Altadena Florist to craft gorgeous floral arrangements on your behalf. Call (626) 798-9161 today to speak with a florist about ordering flowers for special occasions. Visit them online to learn more about everything this florist has to offer.

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