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The Top 4 Concerns of a Leading Excavating Company March 2, 2018

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The Top 4 Concerns of a Leading Excavating Company, Rainy Lake, Minnesota

Every house needs a solid foundation, and every foundation starts with professional excavating. The stability of whatever you build, whether it’s a home or road, depends on the quality of the underlying excavation. Excavating companies must adhere to a very high standard of care and precision to ensure great quality in their finished product. Here are some of the most common elements of a successful excavation project.

Erosion Control

Excavation starts with digging a hole. Holes in the earth and water, especially from storms, don’t mix terribly well — it can cause soil to weaken, erode, and eventually cave in. An excavating company will take great caution to apply erosion controls, otherwise the project could take great weather damage or even be shut down by construction authorities.

Project Management

Another risk-mitigating factor in professional excavation is site management. Site managers oversee excavation projects to maximize their efficiency and ensure the stability of the excavation. This stage often entails proactive measures such as soil filing and clear designation of construction entrances.

Utilities management cuts down on digging risk by identifying and avoiding power lines, gas mains, and water pipes, while time management ensures the project adheres to its timetables. Timing isn’t just important for cost-efficiency — if a storm comes around before a team is able to lay down erosion control, big problems may arise.


This is one of the biggest reasons why an excavation company needs experience — excavation projects are subject to a wide array of unexpected issues. The weather is only one such concern. In order to predict, observe, and solve problems, a professional excavating group must be able to communicate.

Customer Focus

This might seem like a given, but keep it in mind nonetheless: vet every contractor’s business history. Their Yelp reviews, Better Business Bureau rating, and local reputation are vital indicators of whether the project will focus on value or their bottom line.


Up North Builders in International Falls, MN, has managed projects from Minnesota to North Dakota, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. They handle every aspect of general contracting. Contact them at (218) 285-3635 or visit their website for more information.

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