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5 Flowers That Are Harmful to Pets February 21, 2018

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5 Flowers That Are Harmful to Pets, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Your veterinarian wants your pet to enjoy outdoor activity. However, there are a variety of hazards dog and cat owners should be aware of, including poisonous flowers and plants. Animal Health Care Center North in Rhinelander, WI, cares about the safety of every companion animal. Review the pet hospital’s list of common but harmful flowers to ensure you keep your furry friend away from danger. 

Veterinarian’s Top 5 Dangerous Flowers 

1. Azalea Veterinarian

While azaleas are beautiful, their chemicals make them toxic to pets. If ingested, the flowers can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and excessive drooling. Without veterinary assistance, the plants can cause a coma or even death. Protect your animal by keeping azaleas out of your garden. If you suspect they ingest one, get emergency care right away.

2. Lilies 

Some lilies are less harmful to pets while others are highly poisonous. Calla, Peruvian, and Peace varieties may cause mouth irritation, esophageal irritation, or drooling but will not usually lead to severe symptoms or death. Avoid purchasing Tiger, Easter, Day, Japanese Show, and Asiatic lilies, which are particularly hazardous to cats. A few petals can cause kidney failure, so it’s essential to get immediate help if you think your feline ingested them. 

3. Tulips 

Tulips are another group of gorgeous but toxic flowers. An abundance of allergenic lactones live in tulip bulbs and are harmful to pets. Symptoms of chewing or eating a tulip include throat and mouth irritation, drooling, changes in heart rate, trouble breathing, diarrhea, and vomiting. Seek immediate care if you think your dog or cat ingested any part of a bulb. 

4. Daffodils 

Daffodils contain a chemical called lycorine, which often leads to severe vomiting in dogs and cats. Other symptoms of daffodil ingestion include stomach pain, diarrhea, heart problems, and respiratory depression. Resist the urge to select these flowers for your home or garden. If your pet eats one, call a veterinarian for assistance. 

5. Oleander 

Oleander is a lovely and vibrant addition to any park or backyard. However, they cause severe vomiting, cardiac arrhythmias, and may even cause death in pets. Do not allow your dog or cat to eat these plants. If they ingest one, however, treat the situation like an emergency. 

The best way to keep your dog or cat safe is to understand common outdoor dangers and to consult regularly with a pet care professional. To receive 24/7 emergency services, or to make an appointment with a caring, local veterinarian, call Animal Health Care Center North in Oneida County, WI, at (715) 365-8387. For information about the pet hospital’s services and staff, visit the website. Discover more healthy pet tips by following them on Facebook