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Pizza Lovers Are Obsessed With These 4 Food Shows March 31, 2018

Westchester Village, Bronx
Pizza Lovers Are Obsessed With These 4 Food Shows, Bronx, New York

Did you know that there are entire shows devoted to pizza? You should always surround yourself with things you love, which is why the pizza geniuses at Emilio's of Morris Park always tune in for the latest slice saga. This Bronx Italian restaurant has shared their favorite food shows dedicated to America’s favorite pie.

Tune in to These Top 4 Pizza Shows

1. Pie Guys

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a pizza delivery guy? Pie Guys follows the hilarious antics of three Los Angeles delivery drivers – Jon, Rob, and Mort. The episodes are short and punchy – perfect for streaming as you sit down with your favorite slice.

2. The Pizza Show

pizza-bronx-nyFrom international pizza conventions to 24-karat gold pizza, The Pizza Show is a MUNCHIES web series that explores the wonderful world of pizza. Host Frank Pinello travels the world to taste the latest creations and meet the creative geniuses responsible for them.

3. Pizza Masters

You’ll be hard-pressed to find bigger pizza lovers than Sal Basille and Francis Garcia. These best friends (and cousins) own some of the top pizza shops in NYC and travel the country in search for the perfect slice on Pizza Masters.

4. Pizza TV Picks 

Yes, there’s a channel completely devoted to pizza! Pizza TV Picks is like a buffet – full of mouthwatering pizza videos that will have your stomach growling. They talk about hidden pizza Easter eggs in Pixar movies, oversized slices in Washington, D.C., social media trends, and more.

For more suggestions on how to keep up with the pizza world, head over to Emilio’s of Morris Park. This pizzeria serves the best slices in the Bronx – or maybe even all of New York City. From fresh-baked pies and calzones to homemade pasta and sandwiches, you’ll have a hard time picking just one thing off their menu. To learn more about specials and gift cards, head online or give them a call today at (718) 822-6758. You can also use the handy app for iOS® and Android® to place an order.

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