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Alaska’s New Openness on Health Policy Dialogue April 15, 2015

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Alaska’s New Openness on Health Policy Dialogue, Anchorage, Alaska

These days, there is electricity in the air surrounding health policy and reform. Gov. Walker has expanded Medicaid, offering more Alaskans than ever a chance to receive quality healthcare. There is even discussion about expanding Medicaid to increase its effectiveness, making it one of the most dynamic states in the country in terms of health policy.

In prior years, some Alaskan residents had fear of repercussion for promoting a discussion about health policy and what’s best for Alaska’s unique communities. But it appears that has changed in recent years. Now more than ever, there is an open dialogue about what health policies are best for Alaska and her citizens.

The residents of Alaska deserve most of the credit for fostering such an open dialogue about health policy. Health care is a polarizing topic, and it’s important to remain as informed as possible about the complex issues surrounding it; people can disagree on policy, but it’s important to have a reason why. However, the recent level of public discourse in Alaska on Medicaid, general health care and other policy issues has been impressive.

Health consulting expert John C. Laux, founder of Laux Consulting Group, was instrumental in the rollout of Alaska’s new behavioral health program. Thanks to his expertise, Alaska experienced one of the smoothest rollouts in history, resulting in the improvement of dozens of state agencies. From project management to marketing strategy and revenue recovery, Laux Consulting Group has the expertise and experience to help improve the efficiency of any organization. To learn more about health policy issues or how to implement new Medicaid changes, contact Laux Consulting Group today at (907) 227-8859

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