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3 Valuable Tips for a Fun Storytime Session With Your Child February 21, 2018

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3 Valuable Tips for a Fun Storytime Session With Your Child, Brookline, Massachusetts

Early childhood is a vital time for little ones to learn valuable, lifelong reading skills, and a storytime session actively teaches those skills. Through exciting activities, playtime, and engagement with parents, little ones start appreciating the value of a good book. Child care professionals recommend reading aloud to kids from a young age, and storytime offers an engaging way to do this. Many local day care centers offer excellent sessions where you can get involved with your child, fostering excitement in the learning process.

Child Care Advice: 3 Tips for Storytime Your Child Will Love

1. Get Active

Storytime is an active event, and parents and children alike are encouraged to sing, dance, and get moving. The coordinator at your child care center might set up specific activities to get kids more engaged, from writing exercises to games. Before you head to the session, let your child know it’s all about fun — you’ll both be singing, moving, and having a good time as you learn.

2. Join Your Child

While a child care center professional will lead the storytime session, your child is learning from you just as much. Show that you appreciate the experience and value what is being taught. The more you actively participate in the experience, the more your child will learn and grow.

child careYou can use books read in the sessions to read at bedtime, use the songs during clean-up, and utilize fun activities for at-home benefit, too. The bond you form during that quality time with your child builds your relationship, helping your little one feel special and appreciated.

3. Practice Socialization

During storytime, children are separated into age-appropriate groups, from babies to preschoolers. Early childhood is a vital period for establishing social relationships, which is why many storytime sessions include playtime as well. This is a great opportunity for little ones to get to know each other, establishing early bonds.

Teach your child how to interact with the other children, and if they’re having difficulty, don’t hesitate to step in and help. There’s a reason parents are allowed at most storytime sessions, and that’s to actually engage their children, teach them new things, and reinforce proper behavior. Every other child is learning too, so it’s a perfect time to form friendships.


Storytime is a valuable way for your child to master new reading skills, complete with exciting activities and parental engagement. At Brookline, MA’s Tiny World Child Care, children will enjoy more than just storytime — they’ll experience music, science, and specialized programs in a compassionate, bilingual environment. The day care center strives to see every child succeed, from infancy all the way through pre-K. Visit the child care experts online to learn more, or call (617) 232-0115 to enroll today.

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