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4 FAQ on iPhone® Battery Performance & Charging Practices February 21, 2018

Falconhurst, Asheville
4 FAQ on iPhone® Battery Performance & Charging Practices, Asheville, North Carolina

Whether you’re using it to send messages, stream videos, post to social media, or make a call, your iPhone® is constantly running. Depending on how many programs you run simultaneously, it could take a toll on the battery. According to Experimac Asheville, poor battery performance is one of the top iPhone repair concerns among their customers. Located in Buncombe County, NC, this computer repair store specializes in Apple® devices, and they're familiar with the questions surrounding the battery.

Common Questions About iPhone Batteries

Why Does My Battery Charge Slowly After 80%?

If you’ve noticed your iPhone goes from a low percentage up to 80% quickly but slows down to reach 100%, you’re not alone. It’s designed that way because it’s a lithium-ion battery, which recharges in two stages. The first stage operates at a high current, but it switches to a lower current once it reaches 80% to reduce electrical strain on the battery. Not only is this for your convenience, but it also preserves the equipment’s overall life span.

Should I Start or Stop Charging My iPhone at a Certain Percentage?

As a general rule, avoid letting your battery sink too low; if you can, recharge it throughout the day once it dips to about 40%. It’s easier on the battery to slowly charge constantly than to go from single digit percentages to 100% in one fell swoop. Overcharging isn’t too much of a worry due to the slower current of the aforementioned second stage.

Does Temperature Affect the Battery?

iphone repairYour iPhone is designed to be ubiquitous, so it’s capable of functioning in temperatures between 32 and 95 degrees. In colder temperatures, the battery may dwindle faster, but it’s only temporary. Excessive heat is what you should be wary of; don’t charge the phone if the temperature is too hot. Extremely high heat will damage the battery permanently and potentially lead to more costly iPhone repairs if other internal components are harmed.

What Can I Do to Improve My Battery Efficiency?

Brightness affects battery usage, so when you use your phone, keep it as low as you comfortably can or set it to auto-dim. You should also close apps you’re not using immediately. You can also see what’s draining the most power by going into “Settings” and “Battery.”

Of course, this won’t matter much if there’s a bigger problem. If you’ve taken all the right steps and the device is failing to charge at all or there’s another issue, you may need extensive iPhone repairs.

If you’re in Buncombe County, Experimac Asheville is the best source for iPhone repairs. They stand by their work so much that they offer a lifetime limited warranty! If the damage is irreparable, they have a broad selection of certified pre-owned iPhones, as well as other Apple devices for sale. Call them today at (828) 505-6260 to learn more, and head to their website to look at their inventory.

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