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Plastic Surgeon Explains Botox® & the Benefits February 21, 2018

Irvingdale, Lincoln
Plastic Surgeon Explains Botox® & the Benefits, Lincoln, Nebraska

As you age, taking care of your skin is a crucial part of keeping a youthful and healthy glow. Sometimes, however, despite the best skin care regimen, you can end up with unwanted lines in your forehead and next to the eyes. The plastic surgeons at Dr. Mitchell J Henry, MD: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in Lincoln, NE, understand how important it is to feel comfortable in your skin. That’s why they provide a number of treatments to help you achieve the look you desire, including Botox®.

What Is Botox?

plastic surgeonsTo put it simply, Botox is a medicine that a plastic surgeon injects into muscles to temporarily decrease the appearance of forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines in the face. After years of squinting, smiling, and other repeated facial movements, it can be difficult to hide those lines. Repeated facial movements result in the appearance of wrinkles and lines; Botox works by targeting and smoothing out these particular areas. The injections typically take less than 10 minutes, and most people only report feeling a slight pinch. Depending on the area you’re addressing, you could receive three to five small, quick injections. To help with any discomfort, plastic surgeons can numb the area prior to the injection using ice or a topical cream.

What Are the Benefits of Botox?

In addition to being one of the most effective solutions for wrinkles, Botox also boasts fast and noticeable results. Most people see positive effects in just 24 to 48 hours following the procedure. Because this cosmetic solution is so quick and easy, you’ll experience minimal downtime and be able to resume activities the same day. In addition to the above benefits, Botox is also a very natural looking treatment. This means you can enjoy the results without anyone realizing you had a procedure done.

If you’re considering Botox or another cosmetic procedure, consider talking to plastic surgeons in your area. It is crucial to receive Botox injections from a knowledgeable professional to ensure you get not only the best results, but also the best treatment. Individuals in the Lincoln area can schedule an appointment with the doctors at Dr. Mitchell J Henry, MD: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery by calling (402) 435-0044. These plastic surgeons are well-versed in not just Botox treatment, but also a number of other helpful cosmetic solutions. View their website to learn more about the services they provide.

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