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5 Tips to Keep Fresh Seafood Lasting Longer February 21, 2018

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5 Tips to Keep Fresh Seafood Lasting Longer, Bon Secour, Alabama

If you enjoy a good gumbo, shrimp linguini, or a nice fried fish, you understand just how delicious fresh seafood can be. But if you don’t have the time to go out and snag your own fish, or if you live a good distance from the coast, you might wonder how to keep your seafood fresher longer. Below, Billy's Seafood, of Bon Secour, AL, shares some tips to help you enjoy your fish for a long time.

5 Tips to Keep Fresh Seafood Lasting Longer

1. Buy Fresh

The first step to eating fresh is buying fresh. Whenever you can, get your seafood right on the water. Make sure your fish have clear eyes and firm muscles, and the shellfish should have whole, unbroken shells. Most fresh seafood suppliers, like Billy’s Seafood, have a fresh catch brought in every morning, so their customers only get the best.

2. Keep It Clean

While most seafood suppliers take care of this for you, it’s vital to clean your fish immediately after they’re caught. Remove the heads, gills, and internal organs quickly; otherwise, the digestive bacteria will deteriorate the surrounding muscle. The next time you head out for a fishing trip, don’t forget your cleaning kit.

3. Keep It Cold

Any seafood you buy should be kept as cold as possible. When you’re shopping, get your seafood last before you checkout, and make sure you bring along a cooler to keep it cold on your drive home. Your refrigerator’s temperature might not be cool enough, so you might need to pack it in ice until you prepare and eat it.

4. Keep It Drained

While it’s important to keep your fish cold, it’s equally essential to keep it well-drained if it’s sitting in ice. When caught, all fish have a certain amount of bacteria living on them. The ice you store them in can prevent the further growth of those bacteria and help wash away the existing bacteria as it melts. This is why fresh seafood shouldn’t be allowed to sit it melted ice water. Make sure your storage container has proper drainage to keep your seafood safe and tasty.

5. Practice Safe Storage

Fresh finfish should always be consumed within one to two days, unless you opt to freeze them, but certain shellfish can last a bit longer. Follow the cooking instructions to make sure you prepare it safely, and then you can enjoy!

Are you looking for a fresh seafood market in Bon Secour, Alabama? If so, Billy's Seafood has the variety and quality you need. Especially famous for their shrimp, they offer everything from mahi and crab to oysters. Contact them directly by calling (251) 949-6288 or visit the website to learn more.

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