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Looking for a Truck or Jeep® Custom Bumper? How to Find the Best Option for You March 15, 2018

Mulberry, Miami
Looking for a Truck or Jeep® Custom Bumper? How to Find the Best Option for You, Miami, Ohio

People buy custom bumpers for a variety of reasons, though it usually boils down to the desire to upgrade their factory bumpers to something more reliable, especially for off-road driving. Mainly consisting of plastic with some metal, factory bumpers are designed to be lightweight, easy to replace, and weather-resistant — but not for durability. If your journeys often take you off the main roads, there are two options that would suit you better: steel or aluminum, with each offering particular strengths. If you’re unfamiliar with these and aren’t sure which is right for your truck or Jeep®, here’s what you need to know about the two choices.

Steel Bumpers

The primary advantage of steel over factory bumpers is that they’re more durable and able to withstand heavier impacts. They are also designed to be compatible with more off-road accessories, such as winches and LED light bars. If your summer plans include a lot of exploring off the beaten path, steel is a smart choice. Steel bumpers are heavier than other types, but you can help your vehicle support the extra weight with the right shocks or springs.

Aluminum Bumpers

custom bumperThese custom bumpers are also suitable for off-road driving, and they have the added advantage of being rust-proof (which steel bumpers are not). They’re also lighter than their steel counterparts; however, the trade-off here is that they can be easily dented or weakened by flying rocks and debris. Aluminum is a decent choice if you’re concerned about payload or shock issues, as long as you’re aware that it’s not as durable as steel.


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