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Notice These Signs? You Might Need HVAC System Replacement February 21, 2018

Wilton, Fairfield County
Notice These Signs? You Might Need HVAC System Replacement, Wilton, Connecticut

There’s a consensus among HVAC system manufacturers and the U.S. Department of Energy: HVAC equipment should be replaced every decade or two, depending on the item. At their very longest, boilers and furnaces last up to 20 years, while AC units rarely survive 15. Each of these systems begins to degrade around the 10-year mark. If your HVAC system begins to exhibit any of these behaviors, it might be time to replace it.


1. Rising Boiler Costs

It’sHVAC Repair not always noticeable at the time, so check your annual bills to get a good picture of your boiler repair and operating costs. Compare how much you’ve spent over the years; if it’s trending upwards with frequent repairs and decreased efficiency, then it’s very likely your boiler is degrading.

2. Boiler Noises

Strange sounds are a strong indicator that something isn’t right. If your boiler is making strange sounds, there could be a problem with the pump or fan — issues that occur naturally with time. If you hear noises frequently, it might be time for an upgrade.

3. Boiler Smells

Strange smells should never be ignored. They could mean that your boiler is burning improperly. This could develop into something dangerous — call your HVAC system contractor and seek their advice on replacement.


1. Poor Airflow

If the air coming out of your AC feels weak or warm, your unit’s compressor might be failing. Considering the price tag on a compressor replacement, you’ll usually end up saving more money in the long run by upgrading to a newer, more efficient unit.

2. Leaking Moisture

Look out for moisture around your AC unit. Don’t take any chances with leaking — in some cases, this is caused by escaping Freon,a refrigerant. Even water can do significant damage by warping your floors and walls.

3. Decreasing Efficiency

Just like your boiler, your AC unit is prone to degradation over time. Check how much you’ve been spending each year. Significant increases call for a thorough inspection of your system — an upgrade could save you quite a lot of money.


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