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How to Detect a Bent Frame—From Lexington's Most Experienced Collision Repair Experts April 15, 2015

Lexington-Fayette, Fayette
How to Detect a Bent Frame—From Lexington's Most Experienced Collision Repair Experts, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Purchasing a used car is often a risky proposition. While everything may look fine on the surface, a car may still be carrying damage from an accident that isn't readily apparent to the untrained eye. A bent frame can be very difficult to fix correctly, so the auto body repair specialists at Lexington's Benton Auto Body offer a few tips to help you determine whether that used vehicle you've been looking at is really a wise investment:

  • Doors, hoods, and trunk lids that don't line up correctly are a good first indicator of major frame damage. Even if they close securely, check and make sure the edges are in line all the way up.
  • Visually inspect the underside of the car with a flashlight to check for signs of bent metal on the frame.
  • A bent frame will also result in distortions in the body, so measure the door openings on each side to make sure they're the same width.
  • Depending on how a frame is bent, the wheels may not be centered in the wheel well. You might also be able to detect a visible curve in the car when you look at it from the back.
  • If you can, drive the car slowly through a puddle and then 2-3 car lengths beyond it. If the tracks overlap side by side when you drive in a straight line, the car likely has a bent frame.

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