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Pool Service Explains the History of Swimming Pools February 23, 2018

Kihei, Maui
Pool Service Explains the History of Swimming Pools, Kihei, Hawaii

A swimming pool is a wonderful addition to any home, as it provides refreshment and fun year-round for the whole family. Before the commercial pool service business was thriving in residential neighborhoods, personal bathing areas were a luxury that only the wealthy enjoyed. If you regularly depend on a local pool service, here’s an introduction to the history of the swimming pool. 

Your Guide to the History of Swimming Pools

The Great Bath

The first swimming pool can be traced as far back as 5000 years ago, and was called The Great Bath. The Pakistani city Mohenjo-daro constructed a public pool out of brick and tar. However, it was not designed for leisure or relaxation, but rather was a center for clarification and purification before religious rituals. 

Romans & Brits

During the sixth to eighth centuries BC, the Greeks enjoyed leisure in large, open spaces between columns, called “palaestras.” In each palaestra, there were different games, competitions, and activities for locals to participate in. While wrestling, boxing, and ball games were certainly popular, the swimming pool was the central attraction for relaxing and socializing. 

pool serviceLater, the Greeks introduced the concept of their swimming pool to the British, where it boomed in popularity and promoted socialization, exercise, and competitions. By the 19th century, outdoor swimming competitions had become a major pastime for Europeans. 

Modern Day

Today, swimming pools are so much more than a place for the community to collect and participate in fun and games. Since the end of the second World War, they have become a sign of glamor for personal homes and individual use. Comfort accessories, like the pool heater, lights, and filters make it easy and convenient to enjoy a refreshing dip whenever you want. 


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