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How to Communicate with Those Experiencing Dementia February 20, 2018

How to Communicate with Those Experiencing Dementia, West Plains, Missouri

Watching a loved one deal with dementia is a heartbreaking, often frustrating, experience. As their brain condition slowly chips away at their memories, they’ll also have more difficulty thinking clearly, understanding what you say, and communicating their needs. Fortunately, there are a few techniques you can use to improve communication with a family member experiencing dementia, according to the senior care specialists at West Vue in West Plains, MO.

Senior Care Tips for Communicating with Dementia Patients

Maintaining Positivity

senior careThe tone you set for the conversation will have a profound impact on how your family member perceives your interaction. Be careful with your tone and body language; remain upbeat. Even patients who have trouble following sentences and complex concepts will still understand happy tones of voice and gestures of affection.

Creating the Right Environment

Dementia makes people extremely prone to distraction, so the more stimuli you can remove, the better. Start by turning off the TV and radio, closing blinds so they aren’t distracted by anything going on outside, and maintain frequent eye contact throughout the conversation. If you feel it’s necessary, you should also start each conversation by reminding your loved one of your name and how you’re related.

Speaking Slowly & Simply

When conveying information, use very simple sentences, and try to use proper names instead of pronouns to reduce confusion. If you’re asking questions, avoid giving your family member too many options. As a general rule, questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no” response are best.

Whether your aging loved ones require around-the-clock senior care or need help maintaining an active lifestyle, West Vue has the ideal facility for their needs. They pride themselves on providing a loving, caring environment for each of their residents with beautiful grounds, medical centers, and doctor’s offices on site. Visit their website now to learn more about their senior care services, or call (417) 256-2152 to schedule a tour of their Davis Drive location; or, dial (417) 256-1292 to reach their facility on North Kentucky Avenue.

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