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How to Catch & Quickly Clean Your Fish February 21, 2018

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
How to Catch & Quickly Clean Your Fish , Jacksonville East, Florida

Fishing is a rewarding sport that is also a great family activity or a relaxing way to spend time with friends. The men’s accessories and outerwear retailer, Over Under Clothing, is not only committed to helping you look good on the water, but to the success of your expedition too. They offer a brief guide to quickly catching and cleaning your fish.

How to Catch a Fish

OuterwearMany states regulate fishing, so before you begin, it is best to check the rules in your area. Next, throw on some warm outerwear, and grab a pole and some bait. Crickets, minnows, and nightcrawlers are a few of your options. Place some of the bait unto your hook and tie it to the fishing line. Knot tightly; otherwise you’ll lose fish if it’s loose. Next, place a bobber above your line, and extend the pole into the water until it’s floating. When you feel a fish bite the hook, raise the pole quickly to swing it out of the water. Place your catch in a bucket of ice and water mix to keep it fresh until you are ready to clean it.

How to Clean Your Catch

Rest the fish on the table and insert the knife into the belly and slide it upward to cut. Spread the flaps and remove the insides, including the entrails and the anus. You should also get rid of the backbone and kidneys if present. Removing the head and the tail is optional. Next, thoroughly clean the remnants to remove excess entrails. Finally, your fish is ready to cook.

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