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The Basics on Organic Waste & Compost March 8, 2018

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The Basics on Organic Waste & Compost, Henrietta, New York

At WeCare Organics you’ll find a wide range of services to clean the environment, improve agriculture, and protect local water quality. One of their most important initiatives is their effort to decrease landfill sizes by reducing the amount of waste that needs to be stored there. To do this, WeCare Organics uses organic waste to create compost and other green products.

What Is Organic Waste?

CompostOrganic waste is any garbage or waste which is based on organic material — animals or plants — and can be decomposed readily. This includes kitchen scraps, grass clippings, garden waste, food byproducts, and some kinds of paper waste. What all these sources have in common is that, when they’re broken down, they are energy-rich and can be used in various applications.

How Is Organic Waste Used?

One of the most direct uses of organic waste is composting — using scraps and garbage to create nutrient-rich compost for use in gardening, lawn care, and agriculture. WeCare Organics’ large-scale composting facilities produce compost which is a terrific fertilizer alternative, as well as specialty soils which are used on construction and landscaping projects.

Organic waste is also used to provide clean, renewable energy. Various types of biomass can be processed into pellets for burning, which produce less greenhouse gas emissions than coal and are also cheaper. WeCare Organics is invested in the further development of this process, which could have a huge impact on the energy industry.

The next time you’re ready to throw away your kitchen scraps, take a moment to consider how that material can be recycled. With the right treatment, you may be looking at an enriching soil blend for your garden or power for your home. Get in touch with WeCare Organics online to learn more about their compost based line of products and find out how you can contribute.

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