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What Is a Statute of Limitations & How Does It Affect a Personal Injury Claim? February 22, 2018

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What Is a Statute of Limitations & How Does It Affect a Personal Injury Claim?, Charlotte, North Carolina

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another party, you have a limited amount of time to seek compensation for your losses. Each state has a statute of limitations that regulates how long victims have to file a personal injury claim. Failing to meet this deadline means you will lose your right to pursue damages. In North Carolina, statutes are set based on the type of claim in question. Here the legal team at Nagle & Associates, PA in Winston-Salem, NC, explains the process.  

In most cases, you have three years from the date you were injured to initiate a personal injury complaint. This applies to claims involving personal injury caused by negligence and medical malpractice. For product liability claims, there is a three-year statute of limitations in addition to a statute of repose that spans six years from the date the defective product was purchased. Typically, wrongful death claims must be filed within two years of the decedent’s passing.

personal injury claimsHowever, these are only general guidelines, and there may be exceptions to consider on a case-by-case basis. Some personal injury claims call for a statute of limitations to be extended to a later date. North Carolina also recognizes the rule of discovery, which allows victims to claim compensation within three years from the time the injury was discovered.

The best way to ensure you are still within the deadline to file your personal injury claim is to consult with an experienced attorney. The legal team at Nagle & Associates, PA has helped many residents in Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Wilmington, Hickory, Asheville, and Greensboro preserve their right to recover damages after being hurt by the negligent behavior of someone else. They have experience working on a variety of cases and have established a solid reputation for success. Contact them at (336) 723-4500 for more information on the different practice areas they’re qualified to handle. 

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