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How to Choose a Tub for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project March 5, 2018

Marlboro, Monmouth County
How to Choose a Tub for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project , Marlboro, New Jersey

A bathroom remodel is a fantastic way to improve the livability and aesthetics of your home while increasing property value. When planning your project, there are several factors to consider, including the choice of a tub and shower. A&E Kitchen and Bath Design Center in Marlboro, NJ, offers comprehensive home remodeling services to residents throughout the Monmouth County area. The team explains how to choose the perfect bath for your remodeling project.

How to Pick a New Tub for a Bathroom Remodel

1. Type

The standard model is practical and straightforward without unique features; they’re generally the least expensive. Soaking tubs, which can include clawfoot, are typically deeper and broader for comfort. Whirlpool versions have water jets like those in a spa, which massage the muscles. Air tubs are similar to a whirlpool, but the jets spout air instead of water. Walk-ins are an excellent option for people with disabilities or mobility issues because they don’t require the user to step up and over the lip. If you want the best of both worlds, try a combination version. These may include, for instance, a soaking tub with whirlpool or a walk-in design with air jets.

2. Installation

bathroom-remodelIf you’re looking to conserve space, a three-wall alcove tub-shower combination may be a good option. Drop-ins consist of a shell fitted in a framed enclosure that blends with the tile or cabinets. Undermounts are similar to drop-ins but installed on the floor where tile or other flooring material covers the lip. Corner models are large, like a clawfoot, but situated in the corner of the room. Like an alcove model, they’re an efficient way to utilize space. Freestanding units have a sculpted bowl on a solid base. 

3. Material 

Tubs are available in various materials from natural to engineered. The choice depends upon your budget, priorities, and style. For example, if you want your bathroom to resemble a high-end spa, you might go with a natural stone material. Or, if you want something incredibly elegant, choose copper. Cast-iron, acrylic and fiberglass, and enameled steel are other wonderful options. You can even have wood, such as laminated pear, mahogany, or walnut. 

Whether it’s kitchen refinishing or bathroom remodeling, find a professional to provide comprehensive, start-to-finish service. If you’re a Monmouth County resident, count on the home remodeling experts at A&E Kitchen and Bath Design Center for your next project. With over 35 years of experience, they’re one of the most respected companies in the area, known for quality products and exceptional craftsmanship. Call (732) 677-3977 to speak with a friendly staff member. Or, visit the website