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Helpful Dos & Don'ts of Good Laundry Care February 20, 2018

Campbellton Road, Atlanta
Helpful Dos & Don'ts of Good Laundry Care, Atlanta, Georgia

Few experiences are as depressing as pulling your favorite dress or pair of pants out of the wash only to find they’ve been hopelessly stretched out or snagged on something. While any fabric will degrade over time, the right laundry care approach can prevent some of the worst damage and keep your clothes looking their best for years to come. Below are a few key dos and don’ts of laundry care.


Turn Everything Inside Out

Turning delicate clothes inside out will protect the surface from friction and the heat of the dryer, which is helpful if the fabric is prone to pilling. It will also keep belt loops, buttons, and minor imperfections from getting caught on other clothing.

Use the Delicate Cycle

laundry carePilling is caused by broken surface fibers gathering and balling up and can be very difficult to fix. The delicate cycle doesn’t use as much friction or run as long as other cycles, helping preserve fragile fabrics.


Hang Wet Sweaters

Keeping your sweaters out of the dryer is a great idea, especially for wool or other fabrics that might shrink. However, hanging them up to dry will stretch them out, especially in the shoulder area. For best results, lay them out on a towel to dry, then fold them for storage.

Mix Delicate & Heavy Fabrics

Jeans, towels, and jackets tend to be very abrasive, which can cause serious piling problems for softer, more delicate fabrics. Separating clothing according to color and fabric type is one of the most important steps in good laundry care.

Proper laundry care is so much easier when you have access to high-quality equipment. Wash & Spin Coin Laundry, one of Atlanta, GA’s best laundromats, prides themselves on providing their customers with the best washers and dryers on the market and a relaxing, clean environment. Visit their website to learn a bit more about their laundry services, call (404) 756-1666 with any questions, and follow their Facebook for regular news and updates.

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