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What Are the Hottest Interior Painting Trends of 2018? March 6, 2018

Nelson-Tate-Marble Hill, Pickens
What Are the Hottest Interior Painting Trends of 2018?, Nelson-Tate-Marble Hill, Georgia

With a new year underway, perhaps you’ve been contemplating revamping your home with new colors and patterns. When tackling any interior painting project, take into account not only which style will complement the space, but also the new color trends of 2018. If you’re gearing up for a painting project this year, consider the following accents and shades to update the home’s look.

Which Colors Are Trending?

interior paintingAlthough people may have been playing it safe in previous years, 2018 is a different story. Color forecasters predict bold colors to make a comeback, and not just for one accent wall or a few stripes here and there, but entire rooms. For interior painting projects, consider distinctive colors like teal, eggplant, or bright yellow in areas used for entertaining. This works as a conversation piece with guests and allows you to show off your personal style. To balance out these bright hues, use creamy whites, dark greys, and muted camels for accents.

What Accents Are Popular?

When it comes to the most popular interior painting designs for 2018, consider sticking with a few updated classics. Have you been contemplating a chevron accent wall or backsplash for your kitchen? This is the year to tackle it. Pick one bold color and use varying shades of it to create a more intricate visual in your room.

If the house has molding or trim, skip the accent wall and use the same color in different shades to make a statement. Balance a deep eggplant trim with a softer, more delicate heather purple. This palette allows you to highlight the color you want to show while sticking to modern interior painting trends.


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