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Early Learning Leaders Discuss Learn From the Start™ Curriculum February 20, 2018

Plymouth, Plymouth
Early Learning Leaders Discuss Learn From the Start™ Curriculum, Plymouth, Michigan

The early stages of a child’s life are also the most formative, and enlisting the help of early learning experts will enable your little one to reach essential benchmarks. That’s why the professionals from Tutor Time Child Care in Plymouth, MI, incorporate the Learn from the Start™ curriculum into their everyday teaching practices. Designed exclusively for infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds, this curriculum focuses on key milestones in each child’s development. Here’s a closer look at how it works. 

How Does Learn from the Start Early Learning Curriculum Work? 

Providing a Firm Foundation 

Learn from the Start is designed to be comprehensive, maximizing your child’s strengths and capitalizing on their early learning potential. The curriculum concentrates on developmental indicators, utilizing unique learning concepts to assess your child’s gifts and track their development. At a time when social understanding, language skills, and creative thinking are all quickly expanding, the curriculum will ensure your child capitalizes on such growth. 

Honing in on Key Early Developmental Stages

early-learningAs mentioned above, Learn from the Start focuses on key benchmarks such as cognitive, linguistic, and communicative development. It also stresses the importance of reaching physical and emotional benchmarks and introduces different approaches to learning. While enrolled at a child care center, your little one will interact with peers and explore on their own. This reinforces their independence and allows them to forge strong relationships. 

Emphasizing a Holistic Approach 

All children learn and grow at their own pace, reaching personal and developmental benchmarks when they’re ready. As such, the Learn from the Start program focuses on holistic development—it doesn’t set milestones based on age. The curriculum encompasses classroom learning at every level: from the class environment and student-teacher interactions to planned learning experiences. The curriculum is designed to expand upon the unique developmental needs of your child by providing more than 1,300 activities for varying stages of growth.

Helping your child take control of their early learning journey will pave the way for future success, which is why the Learn from the Start curriculum is so beneficial. To learn more about it, contact Tutor Time Child Care today at (734) 420-2700. Since 2000, they’ve been providing outstanding services to residents in the Plymouth area. Visit them online to see what some of their clients are saying. 

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