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What Are the Differences Between the Top Gutter Installation Profiles? February 22, 2018

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What Are the Differences Between the Top Gutter Installation Profiles?, Hamilton, Wisconsin

When it comes to choosing new gutters for your home, there’s much more to consider than the type of material used. As the team at Advanced Seamless in West Salem, WI, explains, the right gutter profile will have a major impact on how well your gutter installation blends in with the rest of your home. Here’s a closer look at two of the main gutter profiles available today as well as which types of homes they are best-suited for.

K-Style Gutters

guttersK-Style is the most widespread gutter installation variety on the market today, and for good reason. K-Style gutter systems are typically constructed using aluminum. This makes them one of the least expensive options while also providing adequate durability. With the use of a seamless design and gutter guards, maintenance needs are further minimized.

K-Style gutter systems hang on the edge of the roof and use a modern-looking profile that is designed to imitate crown molding. This allows them to blend seamlessly with most modern homes. Though most systems are typically about 5 inches deep, larger varieties are also available to help homeowners deal with higher rainfall.

Box Gutters

If you’re planning a new gutter installation on an antique home, a box gutter system is typically going to be your best option. Box gutter systems are built under the roof overhang and feature a deep seven- to eight-inch trough for removing water. While this style is somewhat rare on newer homes, gutter manufacturers continue to produce box gutter systems for homeowners who wish to maintain an antique Victorian look for their older house.

Do you need help deciding what type of gutters you need? With nearly 30 years in business, Advanced Seamless will provide professional expertise and top-notch gutter installation work to help you install a custom system that looks and performs great. To learn more about their seamless gutter systems, visit them online or call (608) 786-2929.

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