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3 Tips for Moving With Your Pets February 20, 2018

Robertsdale, Baldwin
3 Tips for Moving With Your Pets, Robertsdale, Alabama

Just as it’s stressful for humans, moving day can distress your beloved pets. They likely won’t understand what’s going on or why you’re packing up the house, which may cause confusion and fear. To help ease this stress, the expert veterinarians at Robertsdale Animal Clinic, in Baldwin County, AL, share a few important tips to ensure your pet’s moving day is as stress-free as possible.

Expert Veterinarian on Moving With Your Pets

1. Maintain Your Routine

veterinarianMost furry animals are creatures of habit. As such, they become accustomed to a daily routine and may feel increased stress if it’s disrupted. As you prepare to move, you can minimize disruption by maintaining your routine as much as possible. Try to feed and water your pet at the same times, and begin packing early and slowly so your animal can slowly adapt to the changes.

2. Plan Your Pet’s Moving Day

Next, it’s important that you plan out every aspect of the moving day. This includes where your pet will be when you load boxes into the moving truck. Rather than keeping them at home where they will watch you take everything out of the house, consider removing them. You can drop them off a pet resort or with a friend to keep them away from the noise and reduce their anxiety.

3. Keep Them Close

After packing up boxes, make sure your pet stays with you as much as possible throughout the move. They’re likely to feel much more comfortable if they stay by your side, even during an unfamiliar trip. If you drive with them in your car, for example, you can care for them and ensure they’re as comfortable as possible. Consider taking them on shorter drives in the weeks leading up to the move, as this will get them more accustomed to the car.

When you move, it’s also important to establish care with a new veterinarian as soon as possible. If you’re moving to Baldwin County, AL, contact the professionals at Robertsdale Animal Clinic. They have built a reputation in their community for providing the best services in animal medicine, and they can help with everything from surgery to flea treatment. Call today at (251) 947-7297 to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian or like them on Facebook for the latest updates. 

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