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3 Tips for Touching Up Your Home's Interior Paint This Winter February 27, 2018

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3 Tips for Touching Up Your Home's Interior Paint This Winter, Nelson-Tate-Marble Hill, Georgia

Interior painting is the perfect wintertime project, as it allows you to improve your home without exposing yourself to the harsh temperatures outside. A new layer of paint from a residential painter will breathe new life into the home, so when the dreary days of winter start to dull your inspiration, schedule a consultation. The key to getting the most out of winter touch-ups is to know what to expect from your painting contractor and how to make the job move along efficiently and smoothly.

3 Touch-Up Tips for Your Interior Painting 

1. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Keeping the doors and windows open to keep air circulating can be tricky during the winter, but it’s imperative that you find a way to keep fresh air in the home. Even if you’re not covering the entire wall with new paint, the fumes are toxic. If the weather poses a major challenge, crack the front and back doors to allow cross-ventilation to remove some of the fumes, and ask your painter about a low-odor paint option.

2. Schedule Interior Painting Around the Sun

interior paintingFinding enough sunlit hours during the winter can make household chores difficult. If you’re painting in the early months of winter, schedule your touch-up appointment for early in the day when there is plenty of sunlight to work with, allowing you warmth and a clear view of the color you’re touching up. 

3. Repair, Then Paint

Cracks or dents on the walls will make it difficult to achieve a perfect look in your home. Before you touch up any blemishes or flaws that exist in your current paint job, make minor repairs to the structure to ensure a smooth application. Better yet, hire an interior painting service that can handle small repairs.


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