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Our Ozark self-storage facility is a climate controlled only facility located on Highway 231 in Ozark, Alabama.

Top 4 Benefits of Temporary Storage Options February 21, 2018

Ozark, Dale
Top 4 Benefits of Temporary Storage Options, Ozark, Alabama

Renting a long-term unit seems like an unnecessary expense when you need a safe storage place for just a few days. Thanks to temporary storage rentals, you can put this dilemma to rest and find options that meet your requirements. Make the most of these practical solutions by capitalizing on the benefits discussed below.

Top 4 Benefits of Temporary Storage Rentals

1. Affordability

Signing up for a long-term compartment means you have to pay rent till the rental agreement expires. Why incur the additional costs when you’re only going to be using the unit for only a short time? Temporary storage options spare you the extra expense by allowing you to rent out the units only till you need them.

2. Short-Term Solutions

Temporary StorageThese short-term compartments are especially tailored for homeowners who need to vacate their home for no more than a month. Whether you require extra space for a remodel or temporarily need to store items before relocating, these compartments will serve you well. Research the available sizes at your facility and take advantage of the extra room for stowing away the things you’re not currently using.  

3. Amenities

Just because they’re cost-effective doesn't means these compartments aren't on par with their long-term counterparts in terms of amenities. Reliable facilities offer round-the-clock security and maintain proper cleanliness to make their customers feel welcome. They also maintain proper lighting around the premises to ensure visibility for visitors and keep intruders out.

4. Contract Extension

As part of their temporary storage solutions, many facilities will be happy to furnish you with a flexible rental contract. In the event that you’ll need the unit for longer, you can always have the agreement extended. The freedom to do so makes this a useful option when you’re not sure the exact time frame for which you’ll need the unit.


Even with all the benefits they offer, long-term storage units may not meet your exact requirements. For the most reliable temporary storage solutions, place your trust in the options American Self Storage has to offer. Serving client for more than 20 years, they are ready to answer your queries at (334) 793-1289. You can also take a tour of their website to learn about the variety of rental types available.

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