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How will your marital assets be divided in divorce? February 12, 2018

Downtown Boston, Boston
How will your marital assets be divided in divorce?, Boston, Massachusetts

Everyone in a divorce should carefully consider how their assets will be divided.  Division of marital assets and liabilities can be one of the most important financial events in a lifetime. Your decision to contact a caring and capable divorce attorney is a great first step toward an outcome that will provide you with the security you deserve.

Massachusetts law provides spouses with an “equitable division” of assets owned and debts owed by either or both parties.  An equitable division requires a number factors to be considered, including the length of the marriage, the parties’ conduct during the marriage, their age, health, and occupation, their job prospects, and the amounts and sources of their income.  Commonwealth courts will also consider the parties’ needs, the amount and duration of alimony, and the present and future needs of dependent children.

Almost all forms of property are considered in the asset division process. Once this division has been approved or ordered by a Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, it is usually final, and not subject to modification unless fraud can be proven. Accordingly, parties should consider high-quality legal advice to be of critical importance, especially when divorce will result in the permanent division of significant financial accounts, premarital assets, pension and retirement accounts, stock options, or proceeds from trusts.  Services from an experienced divorce attorney become critical in cases where one spouse is attempting to hide assets.   

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