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Essential Tips to Conserve Water in Your Pool February 20, 2018

Troy, Lincoln
Essential Tips to Conserve Water in Your Pool, Troy, Missouri

Pools provide a refreshingly cool retreat on those hot summer days. So keeping it full of water to enjoy day after day is essential. Although there will be some amount of water loss due to daily use, there are things you can do to help reduce excess water from escaping your pool. Here, experts at The Pool Guys in Troy, MO, share some vital information to conserve water in your pool.

How to Conserve Water in Your Pool

Reduce Evaporation

PoolsThe biggest culprit for excess water loss is evaporation. Therefore, your most effective tactic for conserving water is to reduce evaporation. If your pool is heated, turning down the temperature will prevent evaporation caused by the sun. Alternatively, you can block some of the sun by using a shade structure such as a pergola. Next, you should take measures to shield the pool from the wind. As the wind blows, it sweeps heat and water right out of the pool. Try installing windbreaks such as a fence or hedges. In the end, the best way to combat evaporation is to install a pool cover. It will block the water from the heat and minimize the chances of the sun robbing your pool of water.

Other Factors

You’ll lose an unnecessary amount of water if the water level too high. Diving, splashing, and boisterous play hoists it up and right out the pool. Try lowering the water level to about one inch above the bottom of the tile. You may also want to encourage swimmers to be more mindful of splashing to help conserve water. You can also help preserve more water by keeping a close eye on the chemistry. Managing the chemistry of the pool keeps the water healthy and helps you avoid draining it more frequently than necessary.

Keeping more of your pool’s water where it belongs is essential to an enjoyable experience. If you are looking to install a pool or require assistance with your existing one, turn to The Pool Guys. This company has more than 30 years of experience providing exceptional services backed by quality work and stellar customer service. Call them at (636) 462-7665. You can also visit their website for additional information.

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