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Rochester’s Garage Door Company Offers Tips for Winter Organization February 22, 2018

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Rochester’s Garage Door Company Offers Tips for Winter Organization, Rochester, New York

Winter isn’t the time you want to leave your car outdoors overnight, so if your garage is being used for everything but storing your car, it may be time to organize it. In case you don’t know where to start, local garage door company Felluca Overhead Door has put together a few organization tips to help you get started.

Decide Your Garage’s Purpose

It’s important to figure out what you want out of your garage. Do you want to utilize it for car storage only, or do you have additional uses for it? Once you’ve determined how the room will be used, it’s easier to organize accordingly. All of the items that started out in the garage may not fit once the area is organized; some of them may have to be moved to a shed or storage unit.

Use the Walls

organized garage wallAdding hooks and shelving can help get items off the floor and onto the walls, which frees up space for your vehicle. Cubbies or storage cubes can also be mounted on walls to corral small belongings. Almost all surfaces except for your garage doors can be used as storage areas. No matter how you decide to keep things, your floor should definitely not be used as a storage space.

Keep Winter Items Accessible

It’s a good idea to keep winter items where you can easily get to them. Some items to keep within reach are ice scrapers, ice melt, and shovels. You may even want to keep winter clothing accessories, like hats, scarves, and gloves, nearby for when you need to quickly shovel.

After your garage is organized, you’ll want the outside to look as good as the inside. Give Felluca Overhead Door a call. They’re Rochester, NY’s oldest garage door company, and they’ve been family-owned for four generations. They offer high-quality garage and overhead door installations and repairs, and they have a showroom with garage doors, openers, and parts. Call them today at (585) 467-2391 or visit them online.

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