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3 Simple Fixes for That 1 Uncomfortable Room in Your Home February 20, 2018

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3 Simple Fixes for That 1 Uncomfortable Room in Your Home, Toms River, New Jersey

Lots of homes have one room that just won’t warm up in the winter or cool down in the summer. Maybe it varies depending on the season and on which way your house faces; a room that gets a lot of sun might get too hot in the summer, while a shady back area might be freezing in the winter. This issue is often due to an inefficient cooling and heating system. Fortunately, there are three simple ways to fix the problem.

3 Cooling & Heating System Solutions for Uncomfortable Rooms

1. Wall-Mounted Unit

A wall-mounted AC is a great solution for a hot part of the house because it’s an easy supplement to your regular cooling and heating system. It is installed through a small wall opening that connects to your regular outdoor AC unit, and it supplies a smaller area of your home with cool air on demand. You can set the temperature individually for that one room.

2. Horizontal Ducts

Cooling and Heating SystemAdding horizontal ducts to your house can help distribute the air from your cooling and heating system more evenly. Because they do not direct air upwards, where it immediately affects your thermostat’s reading, a larger area of your home reaches the desired temperature before triggering the thermostat to turn off the heating or AC. Better still, these often require less installation work than it would take to add traditional ducts, which means you may be able to fit more vents into your budget, thus distributing air over more of your home’s square footage. 

3. Floor-Mounted Unit

A floor-mounted unit has short warm-up times, so you can rely on them for heating cold spots like back bedrooms and even basement and attic spaces that don’t get the full force of your regular HVAC system. They begin producing heat almost immediately and are more efficient than a space heater. Floor-mounted units are also extremely low-profile, making them perfect for rooms where you’d rather not add obtrusive appliances. 


Toms River Heating & Air Conditioning in New Jersey has been providing expert HVAC services to area residents for over 40 years. They have a fleet of 23 vehicles ready to meet your needs, as well as a team of highly trained technicians. Visit their website to learn about the brands they carry, including Mitsubishi Electric®, and call (732) 244-2880 for more information. 

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