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Should You Repair or Replace Your Water Well Pump? February 21, 2018

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Water Well Pump?, Bremerton, Washington

While your water well pump is designed to last decades, a range of issues could cause a faster decline. If yours is having problems, protecting your investment is key, so it’s vital to decide whether pump repair or replacement is the right choice. As Bremerton, WA’s go-to choice for pump installation, maintenance, and repair work, Coolwater Drilling knows the ins and outs of this must-have appliance. Below, they share how to decide between pump repair and replacement.

Pump Repair

It’s Well-Maintained

If you keep on top of regular maintenance, your water well pump is more likely to last until the end of its life span, which is up to 25 years for submersible models. A routine service schedule is key to optimum performance, so if you encounter a minor issue along the way, pump repair is a worthwhile investment.

The Repair is Minor

Pump issues are easy to notice; if you hear loud noises, see inconsistent pressure levels, or spot dirty water pumping out of your well, professional repair will get it up and running again. Minor damage, including engine issues, require only a brief, affordable repair. 

Pump Replacement

It’s Not Working Properly

pump repairSometimes, your water well pump won’t work its best. If you’ve had pump repairs completed multiple times and are still experiencing inconsistent pressure levels, forgo further repairs. Electrical and mechanical problems are more trouble than they’re worth. Instead, replace the pump; you’ll save money down the line and ensure your system operates smoothly.

Your Energy Bills Have Skyrocketed

Some pump-related problems cause water leaks, which significantly increase monthly water bills. If you notice them rising for no apparent reason, save money by having a pump professional examine the system. Experts will identify the problem and find the replacement that suits your needs best, reducing your carbon footprint and water bill.

Whether you need pump repair or replacement, trust the professionals at Coolwater Drilling. From the initial pump installation to repair work, they provide attention to detail at an affordable rate. They also offer well drilling and water testing services. Visit the company online for more information, and call (360) 830-9005 for Bremerton or (360) 426-3545 for Shelton, WA, to schedule your free estimate today.

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