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3 Surprising Ways Ceiling Paint Can Transform a Room March 14, 2018

Nelson-Tate-Marble Hill, Pickens
3 Surprising Ways Ceiling Paint Can Transform a Room, Nelson-Tate-Marble Hill, Georgia

People often change the color of their interior walls. However, have you ever thought to paint your ceiling? This simple trick can transform the look and feel of an entire room. According to Z Best Painting, a top residential painter in Tate, GA, there are three key ways this can renew your space.

How Ceiling Paint Changes a Room

1. Makes It Appear Larger

Lighter shades and bright colors have the immediate effect of making a space seem larger. Hire a residential painter to apply a pastel green or a light grey on your ceiling to make a small space feel less confined. These tones also emit feelings of warmth, welcome, and happiness. 

2. Catches the Eye

residential painterMost rooms maintain a consistent style. Within this style, there are one or two items meant to catch people's attention. Why not make your statement piece your ceiling? Adding a bold accent color is an unexpected way to add energy to any area. A child’s bedroom, for example, is the perfect place to apply bright pastel colors for youthful style. 

3. Keeps It Classic

Consider painting your ceiling a dark, serious shade. While this will make your space appear slightly smaller, it’s not a major issue in medium- to large-sized rooms or areas with several windows. Dark colors will bring out the richness of wood, and the classic look pairs well with Victorian or Colonial homes. Additionally, it keeps the attention inside the room as dark colors are not attention-grabbing.

Having a residential painter cover your ceiling is a practical way to spice up any room. If you're looking for reliable and affordable painting services in Pickens County, contact Z Best Painting. Their elite staff will perform small repairs to ensure a smooth finish and clean up the work area. They also offer free painting estimates for your convenience. For more information on this residential painter, visit the website or call (404) 328-8798 today.