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What Are Root Canals & How Are They Performed by Dentists? February 20, 2018

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What Are Root Canals & How Are They Performed by Dentists?, Ash Flat, Arkansas

Because root canals sound like an incredibly invasive procedure, most people are nervous when they hear that they need one, even though most dentists perform this important endodontic therapy on a routine basis. Here is a little more information about root canals, why you might need one, and how they are performed by dentists

What Are Root Canals?

Each of your teeth has an inner pulp chamber that contains nerves and blood vessels. These nerves and blood vessels run down the canals of each of your teeth, exiting out a small hole in the bottom of the root.

Unfortunately, severe decay or trauma can cause the inner pulp to become inflamed and swollen, causing pain and difficulty biting. The process of root canals involves removing the inner pulp and filling the inside of the tooth, eliminating pain and restoring stability to the tooth. 

How Are Root Canals Performed?  

dentistBefore your dentist starts a root canal, your teeth and jaw will be numbed carefully with a local anesthetic. After the area is completely numb, the dentist will create a small hole in the biting surface of the tooth to access the pulp. Next, the inflamed pulp is gently scooped out of the tooth, and small endodontic files are used to clean out the roots. The inside is then cleaned and sanitized, and the entire tooth is filled with a special rubberized compound. 

After the infection is gone and the tooth is filled, dentists seal the access point with a large filling. Since teeth become more brittle when they no longer have a blood supply, your dentist will top the repair with a temporary crown, and you may be asked to return later to have a permanent version placed. 


Do you suspect that you need a root canal? Improve your oral health and ward off tooth loss by talking with the dentists at All About Smiles Family Dental in Hardy, AR. In addition to helping with crucial procedures, like root canals and periodontal maintenance, these professionals can also help with bridges, crowns, and teeth whitening. To find out more about their practice, visit them online or call (870) 994-7645.

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