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3 Different Types of Well Water Pumps February 16, 2018

Bremerton, Kitsap
3 Different Types of Well Water Pumps, Bremerton, Washington

You rely on your well to provide fresh, clean water every time you wash your hands, cook, or shower. As a result, the efficiency of your well water system depends on the type of pump you have. Whether you’re unhappy with the productivity of your current pump or have recently dug a new well, here are a few options to consider.

3 Unique Well Water Pumps

1. Shallow Jet Pump

A shallow well jet pump is suited for wells that are less than 18 feet deep. The pump is located above ground. It has a mechanical structure to pull up the well water that includes impellers and diffusers. An impeller is usually made of bronze, iron, or stainless steel, and it’s rotated by the motor to move liquid around. A diffuser holds the impeller and catches the water spun off it. This pump also has a jet ejector to increase the pressure and suction to make pulling up the well water easier. 

2. Deep Jet Pump

A deep well jet pump is meant for wells that are between 22 and 120 feet deep. When compared to the shallow jet pump, the only difference in structure is that the jet pump, which pulls the water upward, is located in the well. The advantage of using a jet pump for a deep well is you save on the affordable price tag while getting more pressure. 

3. Submersible Pump

If your well is deeper than 80 feet, use a submersible pump, which pushes well water upward. These devices are often used for sewage treatment, groundwater pumping, and a variety of industrial uses due to the higher pressure. A submersible pump has an airtight electric motor to be protected from any water leaks. Since the submersible pump pushes well water upward, it is more efficient than a jet pump, which pulls water up. 


Whichever well water pump you have, you’ll need to get it serviced to avoid damage. The professionals at Coolwater Drilling in Bremerton and Shelton, WA, have 45 years of experience with well drilling and pump installation. They’ve provided the highest quality services to both residential and commercial customers, and they’re available seven days a week in the event of a well emergency. From repairing your current well to testing a new one, they’re dedicated to exceptional customer service and unrivaled workmanship. Call (360) 830-9005 to request a free estimate, and visit their website.

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