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Local Concrete Company Shares How Artists Use Concrete in Their Art February 12, 2018

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Local Concrete Company Shares How Artists Use Concrete in Their Art, Happy Valley, New Mexico

Concrete is not only used to create driveways or industrial buildings. It can also be used to create expressions of art. In fact, according to MHAT Concrete, a top concrete company in Carlsbad, NM, there are a number of well-known pieces that use this medium as a base. Here’s a look at three artists used concrete to their advantage.

Concrete in Art: How It’s Used

William Hall

William Hall is a mixed-medium artist who uses a variety of textures and substances to create abstract pieces. He is a full-time artist whose work has been recognized at several museums, including the Kimbell Art Museum. Hall prefers to use combine soft material with hard; for example, wax alongside concrete. He has created works of art such as the “Truth Tablet” in 2017 and “Emergence” in 2016.

Erik Sommer

concrete companyErik Sommer is another artist doing incredible work with cement. Not only does he create paintings, but full-size sculptures as well. Some of his most impressive pieces include “Die Chemische Reinigung”, translated “The Dry Cleaning,” which is a rack of clothing made entirely from cement. One of his paintings, “Our Town,” uses cement, paper, paint, and scraps of posters and magazines to create a very street-style effect.

Ruth Hardinger

Ruth Hardinger prides herself in her cement sculptures. Her abstract art can be seen in a variety of museums such as the David and Schweitzer Contemporary in Brooklyn, NY. One stunning art piece called “Layers Rise/Rising Pathways” was created in 2016 and completed in 2017. Hardinger used concrete, cardboard, plaster, acrylic paint, and even shale rocks to complete the structure.

Concrete can be found in a variety of art pieces. If you are in need of supplies yourself, visit MHAT Concrete in Carlsbad, NM. This concrete company specializes in both residential and commercial jobs. Whether in need of repair for your driveway or installation for your business-front parking lot, their experts will handle the job. For more information on this concrete company, visit their website or call (575) 706-7941 today.

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